December 10, 2023

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United Congregational

UCC History

Tested, tried, and true; the United Congregational United Church of Christ has been serving the Mobridge area for a hundred years now.  Just two years younger than the community it resides in, United Congregational UCC celebrates its centennial in 2008.  With the persistence of a handful of Mobridge residence, the interest and financial generosity of New England Congregationalists in mission work in the Dakotas, and the somewhat reluctant approval of the superintendant of the Congregational Church of South Dakota; United Congregational Church was given birth in March of 1908.  Sometime after the merger of Congregational Christian Churches and Evangelical Reformed Churches in 1957 which formed the United Church of Christ, United Congregational Church also made the move to become part of the United Church of Christ denomination. 

Having its roots as a missionary church, United Congregational UCC still values and continues to participate in the mission and ministry in the Mobridge community and the surrounding area.  It values strong ties to one another through worship and Christian fellowship.  United Congregational UCC values its past but also recognizes that we worship a living God who is continuing to speak to us and call us into new missions and ministries as the needs of our community and world are ever changing. 

Tested, tried, and true.  Tested; United Congregational United Church of Christ has been in existence for a hundred years.  Tried; United Congregational UCC has survived through the lean years of the Great Depression, several wars, and recessions as well as years of growth and prosperity.  We have grown and declined with the community of Mobridge.  True; Mobridge United Congregational UCC has always tried to be true to its call by God and to the Word of God to share God’s message of grace and salvation to the Mobridge community and the surrounding area, as well as with the rest of the world. 

Though the faces in this pictorial directory have changed over the years, the commitment to serve God has always remained strong. Our wish for all is…

                                                                        Peace & blessings,

                                                                        Pastor Keith